Virtual Screening Now!

The SCA is finding new and innovative ways to engage our community at home. At this time, we are pleased to offer an at-home screening of the highly acclaimed documentary, We Rise Up. After viewing, please join us for an exclusive post-screening Q&A session on May 21st at 7:30-8:30PM EST with the film’s director, Michael Shaun Conaway, and hosted by Saugatuck Center for the Arts’ Executive Director, Kristin Armstrong.

WeRiseUP is a powerful documentary that asks the questions: What is a successful life? What is a successful human civilization? Through this inquiry, the film examines the most pressing issues of our time, inspiring viewers to inquire for themselves, find their passion, and give their gifts to the world.

Select Cast:
His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Amina Mohammed (Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations), Blake Mycoskie (CEO, TOMS Shoes), Prince EA (Spoken Word Artist), Moby (Grammy Award Winning Musician), John Mackey (CEO, Whole Foods Market), Dwight Howard (NBA All-Star), Tom Chi (Co-Founder, Google X & Innovator of Self Driving Car) Marie Forleo (Founder, B-School), Peter Diamandis (Founder, X-Prize), Luke Nosek (Founder, PayPal), Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky)

WeRiseUP is a culture shifting documentary seeking to re-write the success narrative and hack the success code. Our current model of success is destroying the planet and driving billions of people to unfulfilled lives. At the same time a new model of success, Success 3.0 is emerging from around the world. Success 3.0, is giving rise to businesses that do good – and do well as a part of their DNA. With Success 3.0 people are Rising UP to radically fulfilled, purpose driven lives.

WeRiseUP The Movie follows the stories of these people who have woken up to their unique self purpose and have taken action and produced amazing results in the world.

We are wrapping these stories in a philosophical backdrop with thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Ken Wilber, John Mackey, Blake Mycoskie, Michael Beckwith, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Tom Chi and Lynne Twist. Their voices will ground the film in transformational thinking and help the audience to look deeply into their own lives to identify their own unique self purpose.

The entire documentary team is fully committed to making this project a massively significant contribution to the millions of people who will see this film and be moved to step up and give their unique gifts and commit outrageous acts of love. It is our shared belief that an evolution of the success narrative is a key leverage point in culture which has an enormous ripple effect.

We live in a world of outrageous pain. We are challenged by extinction level problems. Everywhere we look we see unbearable suffering. In the face of pain we close our hearts.

We also live in a world of outrageous beauty. Everyday, we see acts of kindness, generosity, courage and creation. The only response to outrageous beauty is outrageous love. We are living in an extraordinary time when a small group can make a difference in the lives of a billion people.

We stand at the tipping point of a new future.

All around us, people are rising up, taking matters into their own hands, committing acts of outrageous love, and daring to reshape the world. We are creating the future we want, a world that works for everyone.

We are evolving the source code of evolution.

Now the question is: What will you do?

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