Seeking 2020 Teaching Artist / Empowering youth through transformative artmaking 

OVERVIEW | An educational-based residency serving at-risk youth and a corresponding solo exhibit.

Each summer through our Growing Young Artist program we focus on a different artist, medium and theme. We augment core skills focusing most prominently on literacy and language fluency. It’s enrichment based and integrates social and emotional learning strategies, which build crucial skills including problem-solving, collaboration, empathy, self-direction, and responsibility.

The visiting teaching artist works directly alongside SCA’s teaching team collaborating and challenging students to consider the roles they play in their families and communities, and encouraging them to use their voices positively – even having a lasting impact in their community.

RESIDENCY DETAILS | Project stipend provided & accommodations in Saugatuck provided from July 5 -August 1.


  • Will stay in Saugatuck a couple days in early June and the majority of the month of July 
  • Has had previous experience working alongside, teaching or mentoring youth (comfortable with students ages 4-16+) 
  • Is passionate about empowering youth to use their voices for change 
  • Is comfortable focusing on meaning-making first and teaching foundational skills second  
  • Can create a vision and final project for a group of 100+ students 
  • Who is eager to connect with minorities/migrant population/at-risk 
  • Who is Latin-American or has personal connections to migrant populations 
  • Who can also teach a camps or workshop for children/adults in the community 
  • Who is open to community engagement and hosting an artist talk 
  • Who can have a body of work on display at the SCA June 5 – September 7, 2020


    • April – May: Ideation & planning with Education & Exhibition Manager & GYA Coordinator
    • June 2 – 5: Install of personal solo show artwork, meet with SCA teaching team in person 
    • June 5:  5 – 9PM: Exhibit opening reception 
    • July 5: Arrive in town for stay 
    • July 6 – July 30: Monday – Thursday teaching onsite 8:30AM – 2:30PM 
    • July 30: Final fiesta celebration downtown Fennville, student artwork debuts

    All artists should send at least 4 examples of work and a letter of intent to whitney@sc4a.org

    DEADLINE TO APPLY: January 10