Each day we’re surrounded by imagery. We’re inundated with images on our screens, shopping, reading, on what we wear, and on the items we bring into our homes. These images help us absorb information, create meaning, and foster joy. We rarely stop to wonder where those images come from, or how they are made. Storied Drawings answers this very question, walking us through the processes behind the images and illustrations we encounter daily.

This exhibit brings together four visual storytellers: Rebecca Green, Libby VanderPloeg, Ginnie Hsu, and Hillery Sproatt. Their drawing-based works are found in .gifs, interactive illustration, animation, editorial illustration, home goods and more!

For this show, the SCA’s gallery has been transformed into a light and playful space where you can let your imagination run free. Each piece is an unfolding story, and many of the lovely works are available to take home. Before you visit the show, here is a brief highlight of two of the artists whose merchandise we have for sale:

Michigan native Libby VanderPloeg is an illustrator and designer who grew up along the shore of Lake Michigan. Since then, she’s made her home in Grand Rapids, Chicago, New York, and Stockholm. Libby is a storyteller at heart, finding inspiration in music, letterforms and wildlife. You’ll likely recognize her work from The New York Times, Netflix, Instagram, Harper Collins, Ann Taylor LOFT and Anthropologie.

Libby’s work is a little piece of visual joy with meaningful undertones and becomes the focal point of any space! We feel lucky to have her in our work in our gallery. While you can purchase many of her lovely pieces, my favorite is the Saugatuck-Douglas Poster, (exclusive artwork made specifically for our charming community!) which allows you to reimagine our town through the artist’s creative eye. We also have tote bags, women’s and toddler’s shirts, and many cool prints featuring Libby’s designs.


Add some of Libby’s designs or apparel to your life!

Rebecca Green is an illustrator, painter, and self-proclaimed make-believe maker. Her work has a home in children’s and young adult books, magazines, galleries and more. She often creates with colored pencils and gouache, but isn’t afraid to try something new. She currently lives with her husband in Osaka, Japan. HarperCollins, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, The Wall Street Journal and Flow Magazine are among her many clients.

The original drawings for Rebecca’s book-writing process are on display in our gallery. She is also the writer and illustrator of her very own children’s book “How to Make Friends With a Ghost.” This book is available online and in our Box Office. It’s the perfect read around Halloween or any time you need a little extra magic. Her playful work is made with children in mind, and her printed designs blend wonderfully together making them easy to mix, match and coordinate throughout your home.

Add some of Rebecca’s drawings  or her book to your life!

You can see this wonder-filled exhibit from now until Sept. 7 in our gallery. Whether you’re near or far, it’s easy to shop the art gallery, with its apparel and one-of-a-kind goods from the exhibition, at SCA’s online store. Have more questions about the exhibit or the artwork for sale? Contact the SCA’s Exhibitions & Education Manager, Whitney Valentine, at whitney@sc4a.org.