Rentals FAQS

What areas do you rent?

Since we are not able to provide food service, there is no minimum charge. However, there is a 4 hour minimum for bartending services.

How big is your space?

We offer more than 23,000 square feet of distinctive event space indoors and out.

Can I put on my own show?

Please contact Rental Coordinator Teresa Zerfas ( t0 discuss this.

Do you have a wedding planner?

No, however we are happy to connect you with many we highly recommend.

Do you have a liquor license?

Yes. All liquor, beer, and wine for events must be purchased from the SCA.

Do you have a piano?

Yes, we have a Yamaha C-7 Concert Baby Grand and a Stand Up Piano for rent.

Are there dressing rooms?

Yes, we have a men’s and women’s dressing room backstage. Each dressing room has its own restroom and shower.

Can I hold a fundraiser at the SCA?

We have held various fundraising events at the SCA. If you are interested in holding a fundraiser for your own organization, please contact Executive Director Kristin Armstrong at

Have you held proms?

Yes! Please contact us as soon as possible in order to ensure your date is reserved.

Do you have your own bartenders?

Yes, we have our own bartenders. Our staff is experienced and trained for all SCA events, including weddings, cocktail parties, corporate events, and more!

Do you have a caterer?

No, however you are welcome to bring in a licensed caterer of choice or use one from our suggested vendor list.

What is included in the room rental fee?

All rentals include WiFi, parking, and available SCA tables. Please visit the rentals page for more information, or contact our Rental Coordinator for more details.

Can I schedule a tour of your event spaces?

Yes, please contact our Rental Coordinator Teresa Zerfas at

Do you require a contract and deposit to book an event space?

Yes, a signed contract and 35% deposit is needed to secure the date of rental. Final Payment is due 30 days prior to event date.

Do you have a food and beverage minimum? How does it work?

Since we are not able to provide food service, there is no minimum charge. However, there is a 4 hour minimum for bartendending services.

Will you have staff on-site during the event?
    • Yes, there is at least one Event Assistant on-site for any event.
What are the parking options?

The SCA has parking for 45 vehicles. There is a City lot located next to the facility with an additional 80 parking spaces.

Do you have in-house audio visual equipment and technicians?

Yes, we have AV equipment at our facility. Our AV tech may be available for your event for an additional fee.

Are the galleries available for private rental?

Yes, however depending on the exhibit, food and beverage may be prohibited in the gallery itself.