Filmed in Saugatuck/Fennville, Michigan


“A remarkable film.” — Matt Fagerholm,
Michigan Premiere: September 21, 2018


Directed by Michael Glover Smith.
Join us for the Michigan premiere of Mercury in Retrograde, filmed in Saugatuck/Fennville, Michigan.
Stick around after for a meet and greet with Smith and producer/actor Shane Simmons.

Three Chicago couples at various stages of their relationships come together for a weekend at a West Michigan cabin.

The group soon teams up along gender lines, with the men and the women engaging in separate activities. The temporary separation from their respective partners shakes each of the sextet out of their familiar perspectives, accelerating below-the-surface shifts that will have a lasting impact on all of their lives.

Michael Glover Smith improves upon his impressive first film Cool Apocalypse with more polished camerawork and acting, sharpening his already formidable skills for supremely observant relationship drama. “In Mercury in Retrograde, I wanted to explore how men and women communicate (and miscommunicate) with each other in the modern world,” says the director. “In this respect, it continues and deepens the themes of my previous feature Cool Apocalypse, which showed how one couple comes together for the first time while another breaks apart for the final time. A friend who saw the earlier movie remarked that it was easy to show people falling in and out of love but difficult to show what happens in between. I decided to make a movie about three couples from Chicago vacationing together for a weekend at a cabin in Saugatuck/Fennville, Michigan. Stepping away from their daily routines for three days causes each of the six principal characters to take emotional stock of their lives and see their relationships in a new light.”

About the Event

Stay after the screening for a post-film meet and greet with Michael Glover Smith and producer/actor Shane Simmons.

Tickets are $12 for adults and $7 for students with an ID.

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