October 18, 2019 – december 20, 2019
Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM
Special Gallery Hours
November 23rd 12PM – 6PM
November 30th 9AM – 2PM
December 7th 12PM-6PM
December 8th 12PM-3PM
About the Exhibition
Luminescence is an interactive, light-infused exhibit that prompts passive viewers to become active participants, redefining the typical viewer-viewed relationship by creating a responsive, hands-on experience.  
The show is built around the exciting light-infused artwork of artists Simon Alexander-Adams, Patrick Ethen, and Cuppetelli and Mendoza shown in tandem with the massive building-spanning installation, Playful Spaces, by Jeremy Barnett and Jason Maracani.
By mashing up art, electrical engineering, design, and physics, Luminescence offers our West Michigan community a uniquely transformative experience showcasing work that expands our view of how we define – and play with – art.
Playful Spaces is a visible line of color and light that will travel throughout the SCA’s outdoor and indoor spaces as a means of invitation: invitation to come inside, experience, and play. 

Made from wood and over-sized sticks to form cohesive linear energy throughout the SCA’s building, the installation will wrap in and around our outdoor red arches, pop up throughout the building, and crash into the gallery space to interact with the work in Luminescence.  By using everyday, touchable, and temporary materials, the artists create a work that is simultaneously massive and approachable for children and adults.
Perpetual Interaction // Ongoing Fun

All of the work in Luminescence and Playful Spaces has an element of light to view, to touch, to alter.  Many pieces will include sources of constant light that the viewer will be able to shift or reset through his/her interaction.

Simon Alexander-Adams’ work Umbra, created for this exhibition, is an interactive installation allowing participants to construct virtual structures by placing objects onto illuminated surfaces. These surfaces will transform everyday objects into tangible interfaces, allowing the audience to manipulate dynamic generative video using their hands, objects in their pockets, or an assortment of materials provided at the installation (blocks of various shapes, string and chains, etc.).

This isn’t just any Opening Reception …

it’s a light-infused sensory sensation!

Friday, October 18 from 5:00-8:30. Free Admission
Kick-off the Halloween festivities with us Friday, October 18 with a party under our pavilion.

Luminescence is the first and only SCA show presenting innovative technology as part of the exhibition experience. This indoor-outdoor, light-based exhibition pushes the boundaries of motion media, demanding an equally special community unveiling. We’re amping up the opening reception with live music, local food, cash bar, and hands-on art projects for children and families.

Once you’ve experienced the indoor gallery space, join us outside under the pavilion while the “Playful Spaces” installation wraps us all in a light-infused hug while the evening grows dark. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy the Detroit-based art-rock quartet, Saajtak, (of which artist Simon Alexander-Adams is a member). As you engage with the tangible art surrounding the event, experience projections and glowing backdrops while listening to Saajtak seamlessly weave together simmering grooves, surprising textures, and melodic hooks.

The evening will light up the senses as people of all ages enjoy the evening under the pavilion and throughout the building. We hope to see you there!

Sponsors for the Luminescence exhibition, opening party, and school/community programming: Perrigo, John Cannarsa & Tim Straker, Consumers Energy, Allegan County Community Foundation, Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs, and Meijer.

Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza

began collaborating as Cuppetelli and Mendoza in 2010. They create installations and objects that combine physical elements with digital technologies, composing sensual, immersive and dynamic experiences.

Patrick Ethen
is a light artist and designer exploring the intersection of technology and humanity, the relation between analog and digital systems, and the mechanisms of mesmerization. He uses light to represent levels of actuation, and simple rules to generate emergent behavior. The result is a stream of continuously new pattern and textural information within a consistent data structure.

 “I make physical objects because I value real world experiences, real phenomena. Receiving light is a visceral experience which is able to impact us emotionally, and my aim is to pull on these strings.”

Simon Alexander-Adams

is a Detroit-based multimedia artist and designer working within the intersection of music, visual arts and technology. He specializes in real-time generative art, interactive installations and audiovisual performances. He is inspired by the emergent patterns found in nature and uses complex systems to simulate natural phenomenon in the pursuit of organic textures and surprising interactions. He also draws on a love of fractals “He also draws on a love of fractals and geometry, science fiction and glitch art (the aesthetics of failure.)”

Jeremy Barnett and Jason Maracani
are both educators and set designers.  They have designed numerous sets for Mason Street Warehouse at the SCA, and work collaboratively to create large-scale structures of organic forms made from unexpected materials.

Jeremy and Jason attribute their excitement about responsive engagement to their theatre backgrounds.  “To be a student of theatre is to be a student of human nature,” Jeremy says. “It’s to navigate how we respond and to have a sense of human patterns.”

Children’s and Adult Programming
Besides the interactive on-site exhibition experience, we are planning S.T.E.A.M. programming for local schools, clubs, and groups.  We’ll invite schools and non-profit groups to participate in our cost-free S.T.E.A.M. programs and we will create custom experiences as requested.

Additionally, we’re creating community touchpoints for the building of Playful Spaces.  Students and community members have opportunities to paint sticks and actually build sections of the larger work. This gives children and adults a sense of ownership in this unique project, further propelling the concepts of invitation and interaction.

Did you know that much of the large scale installation, Playful Spaces, requires hands-on community engagement? Throughout the month of September, we will invite area schools, clubs, and groups to paint sticks that will be used in the installation. If you are interested in adding your mark to this larger work, please contact
October 18
Come for the opening reception for Luminescence from 6:30-9:00. Enjoy this unique indoor-outdoor experience with live music, local food, cash bar, and hands-on art projects for children and families.
For the duration of the show, the SCA would like to host school field trips for students of all ages to come experience our space. In early December, a few of the artists will be onsite to help lead creative S.T.E.A.M. programming inspired by the exhibit. If you are interested in scheduling a visit during those months, meeting the artists, or partnering for Luminescence programming, please contact