Create Community: Spaces for Discovery

Wade’s Bayou

Connecting the communities of Saugatuck and Douglas, Wade’s Bayou is perfectly positioned on the shores of Lake Kalamazoo. Take a moment to relax on the bench within the circular gateway sculpture overlooking the water. This gateway is a quiet place for reflection and contemplation or a place to celebrate and capture a moment. It’s an empty circle that is both something to look through and also something to be a part of.

Direct your attention down Center Street and through the gateway pointing east to enjoy a perfectly encircled sunrise. Plus… can you locate the two row boats that drifted out from the SCA to Wade’s Bayou? They are filled with green foliage and anchored in the water!

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Each and every location was dreamed, brainstormed, problem solved, drafted, created, and built with your experience in mind.

1 year of planning | 4 months of building | Countless hours on zoom | A few friendly debates

Every installation in Spaces For Discovery is inspirited by children’s literature, the environment that surrounds it, and the people who interact with it.

Children's Literature Inspiration

This story follows a day in the life of a Japanese park bench.

Location Inspiration

Wade’s Bayou in downtown Douglas is known for being the perfect fishing spot for anglers of all skill levels. This location is also the center hub of Lake Kalamazoo connecting to the Kalamazoo River. Many creatures find their homes at Wade’s Bayou – from ducks, swans, fish, turtles and visiting deer, opossums, and more!

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