Corridor Series
January 10 – March 7
Works by Hector Acuna

Alien Nation: works by Hector Acuna

Winter 2020 Visiting Artist
Special Reception Friday, February 28, Beginning at 5PM | Free Admission

Alien Nation: Portrait Painting Workshop
Saturday, February 22, 9:30AM-11:30AM
$45, Ages 21+, Materials and artisan mimosa included

Join SCA Visiting Artist, Hector Acuna, for a morning of personal exploration and creativity. In his own work, Hector investigates and challenges notions of ethnicity and identity inspired by personal experiences and upbringing, frequently using portraiture as a means of self-reflection. During this time, you’ll draw inspiration from Hector’s work to explore identity, memory, and personal experience by creating your own gouache portrait that reflects your life’s journey. Enjoy a morning of mimosas, compelling conversation, and meaningful creativity.

Hector Acuna is an artist living in Lansing, MI where he is currently pursuing his Master of Fine Arts degree from Michigan State University.

Through his studio practice, Hector investigates, and challenges notions of ethnicity and identity inspired by personal experiences and his family’s history in southeast Wisconsin. As the son of an incarcerated Mexican immigrant, Hector’s inherited phenotypes have often been placed in the middle of conversations regarding nationalism and belonging. In his work, Hector borrows visual signs often seen in stereotypes of Chicano culture and juxtaposes them alongside signs from his Midwest upbringing. Estrangement, ambiguity, and humor often appear as themes to address a contemporary dialogue about his liminal experience.

Hector’s work moves between the two-dimensional plane and three-dimensional space allowing his imaginative depictions to take various forms where paint conveys meaning. Fragments of the human body appear throughout his work as vehicles of corporeal expression where imagery and objects embellish our understanding of the subject.

Hector is our selected winter Visiting Artist; working with over a hundred students January – February.

 “Inspired by encounters in daily life, I transform personal and shared references reconfigured into playful juxtapositions. Using a variety of media, I create imagery and objects that are uncanny combinations of fact and fiction. My work aims to confront notions of belonging, alienation, and humility to better understand the social nuances of membership in the United States today.”

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