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The Saugatuck Center for the Arts is West Michigan’s lakeshore destination for experiencing the joy of professional theater and music, life-changing education for children and adults, and substantive dialogue. We are a community asset, a collaborative partner, and are deeply committed to building a stronger, more vibrant regional arts & cultural landscape.

Nestled along the lakeshore our  gallery space provides a unique hub for impactful conversations, outreach, classes and film.

The Saugatuck Center for the Arts curates and hosts art exhibitions of significant community value, designed to provoke thought, broaden understanding of the world and spark curiosity and imagination. Emerging and established artists of regional and national recognition exhibit their work in our gallery.

The SCA displays a variety of exhibitions representing both traditional and innovative techniques, media, and content, with the intent of appealing to diverse audiences. As a non-profit art center, our gallery is educationally driven.

Current Exhibit

El Sueño Americano

Works by Tom Kiefer

Our exhibition programming is designed to be meaningful to viewers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. The SCA is committed to deepening the understanding of the visual arts through parallel educational programming associated with our exhibits via gallery tours, artist conversations, student outreach, film, workshops, classes, gallery text and exhibit brochures.

More than an exhibit. It’s an experience.
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Upcoming Exhibit

Absurd Imaginaries

Jan 11 – March 1

Figurative artists Julie Liger-Belair and Jessica Calderwood draw upon surrealist motifs and folklore in playful yet subversive explorations of gender, identity, and fantasy. While distinct in their mediums and aesthetics, the two artists share more than a few similarities in their approaches. Both artists play with simultaneously revealing and concealing the female figure, a flirtatious dance between invitation and denial.

Upcoming Corridor Exhibit

City of Lost Things

The City of Lost Things is a series of mixed-media drawings that imagines a city long deserted by its
former residents, now solely inhabited by objects that have been separated from their owners. Inspired by Tom Kiefer’s photographic
documentations of confiscated border objects in El Sueño Americano, these drawings explore borderlands as liminal spaces in which
relationships between objects, place and 
belonging are in flux and reimagined.

Past Exhibits

Industrial Nature
Summer 2018
Surface Tension
Winter 2018
Moving Through
Spring 2018