Corridor Series
October 12 – December 20
Works by Tim Folkert

FLOW: works by Tim Folkert of Migration Surf

One-of-a-kind resin and fiberglass panel work with custom frames made from reclaimed beach wood

Tim Folkert of MIGRATION will have a month-long pop-up show of a never before seen body of custom fiberglass and resin artwork. West Michigan native Tim Folkert developed his creativity while living and studying in Santa Cruz, Calif., before returning to his roots near our “inland sea.” He began surfing sixteen years ago, building boards within two years after that. Creating art was initially an effort to utilize leftover materials in a constructive way. What started as a backyard project to build his own board became an obsession to perfect the craft.

Tim combines his eye for beautiful design and craftsmanship with an adventurous spirit, blurring the lines between work and play. These fiberglass laminated panels are all custom-mixed with heavily pigmented resin. The end result is a vibrancy that adds depth to the work while remaining true to the historic process of surfboard manufacturing. All work in Flow takes root in the peak years of custom surfboard manufacturing in the mid 60’s, reflecting the individualistic style and artistry that has developed over the decades in the water sport and surf lifestyle. By creating work based around his passion for surfing and love for the water, Tim hopes to inspire others to experience these things for themselves.

Photos by Andrew Jowett. https://www.andrewjowett.com/blog/2015/12/4/migration-surf-shaping


“Engaging the outdoors and listening to the stories and history of the Great Lakes inspires a lot of my work…the lens is almost always through engagement with the water.”

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