Employment/Internship FAQS

When do you hire?

While our busiest season is during the summer months, we have year-round staff at the SCA. Please check our Employment page for more details on specific opportunities.

Do you hire high school students?

In the past, we have hired high school students for employment during the summer. Please check job descriptions for more details.

Where can I find employment opportunities?

All current employment opportunities are listed on our website under the Employment tab. Please check each job description for details on applying.

Are you an equal-opportunity employer?

Yes, we are an equal-opportunity employer. Please check job descriptions for more details on specific duties for each job.

How many employees work at the SCA?

We have 11 year-round part-time and full-time staff and more than quadruple our staff size in the summer. We also provide several internships each summer for college students.