2018 Children’s Film Festival 

Mountainfilm on Tour


MARCH, 2018
2,048 Kindergarten – 12th grade students in attendance at our 2018 Children’s Film Festival

The SCA has a decade long history of serving our West Michigan community through a robust mix of creative educational programs for students. We’ve built partnerships with elementary, middle, and high schools across Allegan, Van Buren, and Ottawa Counties serving K­- 12th graders, free of charge, each year. 

Today we wrapped up our 14th annual Children’s Film Festival and our third year partnering with Mountainfilm in Telluride Colorado, one of America’s longest-running film festivals. 

Mountainfilm’s line-up introduces students to essential environmental, cultural, and social issues through films.  These curated programs of age-appropriate shorts are thought provoking, artfully made and help to engage and broaden students “learning horizons.” The themes are meaningful, and encourage students to creatively share their own stories and create their own films.

At the SCA we know that film is such a powerful medium. Offering this kind of exciting viewing experience allows students from various backgrounds to encounter new ideas and come away inspired. Films allow viewers the opportunity to contemplate new perspectives and ways of seeing. 

Our 2018 Mountainfilm presenter Kristen Milord spoke with students throughout the screening, “I hope Mountainfilm brought you films that empowered you to make a difference, motivated you or made you curious about our world.” Kristen was thoroughly impressed by how many students were given exposure to the films this week in Saugatuck. 

Reflecting on the Festival selections, Jeff Walker a high school teachers said, “it’s different and new, and it provides a more global picture of the world they live in. This is, in my opinion, something our kids desperately need.” 

Immediate reaction to this year’s films.
“It’s powerful for students to get out of the traditional classroom and learn about their broader world in this way. The short film structure is perfect for middle schoolers, and it’s always fun to hear which films connected with individual students. Students come away excited not only about the people they encountered in these films, but also the stories that they have in their life and their capacity to tell those stories.” – Jeff Minkus, 7th-grade teacher 

We are a very high poverty area school. The majority of our students are exposed to very little outside of what is done at school. They couldn’t stop talking about all the films and how they wish they could do the things they saw. I explained to them that anything is possible. You just have to want to do it. I plan to base future lessons on things we saw today.” –Jane Miller-Harris, Kindergarten teacher


Celebratng Indomitable Spirit Since 1979

Mountainfilm uses the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world.

Eye-opening adventure, environmental and cultural documentary films on contemporary issues — educates students by presenting exceptional content to contemplate, study and explore.

MOUNTAINFILM on Tour visits over 150 different locations on 6 continents. Students in West Michagn have an incredibly unqiue expereince being able to watch award winning documentaries on our big screen!

The SCA works with Mountainfilm to offer customized students playlists designed by grade level with entertaining and inspiring educational content. Classroom materials developed by teachers to meet national standards accompany some of our featured films in the program with filmmaker interviews, discussion questions, activities and more.


I encourage my students to tell stories that make a difference. Each of these films sought to change perspectives and lives, so these films were a great example of the type of film we strive for. Thanks for all your work and energy that you put into this experience. We look forward to returning next year!– Greg Schemper, 12th-grade teacher


A huge thank you to our generous 2018 Film Festival sponsors: Anne and Roger Gamache, Landsharks of Saugatuck, Barbara & John Ludlow, Tiara Yachts, and Velo City Cycle, Allegan County Community Foundation and Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs

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