Corridor Series
March 16 – September 4
Works by Cam McLeod

In A Pursuit To Stay Wild: works by Cam McLeod

In A Pursuit to Stay Wild is a highlight reel of professional photographer Cam McLeod’s most recent work. This polished body of imagery is an extension of Cam’s portfolio projects and travels; a visual love letter to adventurous spirits, adrenaline action and our nation’s most glorious landscapes.

Cam’s crisp fine art display marries jaw-dropping views and unimaginable heights with the unique spirit of our local community. His work is informed both by his time growing up in Holland, Michigan running barefoot along the sandy shores of Lake Michigan and winters skiing at Bittersweet.

After college Cam moved out west to explore mountain culture and pursue his passion as an action sport and adventure lifestyle photographer. His current work nods at his childhood love of outdoor adventure and is also saturated with awe, presence, and a twist of badass attitude fueled by his snowy playground on slopes of the Wasatch Mountains.

“Photography is my life. It keeps my curiosity alive and provides me the opportunity to act on those curiosities. Any other deduction of it is too existential for me. My hope is that people gain a better understanding of myself, my culture, and the people I’m photographing. It’s that simple.

“Honestly, I’ve been composing photos and scenes my entire life, long before I had a camera. It’s how I see the world. I don’t remember the first time I picked up a camera but I do remember that it felt natural, almost intuitive. I think that’s why I continue to pick up a camera. It’s the way I communicate and interact with the world that feels comfortable.

“More than anything, I want to be around people who love what they do and put their heart and soul into it.”

Stay tuned for opportunities to meet Cam at the Art Center later this Spring!

Entrepreneur, photographer and visual storyteller Cam McLeod currently lives and works in Ogden, Utah. His high profile clients including Kuhl, Salomon, Amer Sports, Helly Hansen, Outside, Warren Miller, Powder Magazine have allow Cam to travel to the far corners of our planet to create content and bring home stories that inspire.

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