Summer Camps 2019

Backyard Clay Play

June 18 | 9:30am – 12pm

AGES 7+ | $45

Dig, learn, create! Come along with local ceramic artist Jeff Blandford on an excavation exploration! Kids will get down and dirty digging up Michigan’s natural clay, and learn about Native American pottery and the process in which it’s made. They’ll also create a Native-inspired clay work to take home.

While gardening in his own backyard local ceramic artist Jeff Blandford discovered that his soil was rich with clay. Much inspired by Native American pottery Jeff began experimenting, creating, and firing works of art with his “Back Yard Clay.”  Jeff received his BFA in Studio Art (ceramics) from Michigan State University. After finishing his degree in 2007 he purchased an organic farm which he has turned into his home, studio, and a private place to learn and grow.