Summer Camps 2019

All About The Bees

July 8 – 10 | 9:00am – 1:00pm

AGES 6 – 12 | $90 | Snack Provided

Our vital friends the bees are becoming more and more endangered every year. Without their busy buzzing bodies, many of our favorite plants, fruits, and vegetables will cease to exist.

How can we help? During this three-day camp kids will visit a local garden to learn about beekeeping and the importance of bees to our environment. The next day campers will design and construct “bee hotels” using materials found in nature with garden guru extraordinaire Scotty Jacobs of Specialty Gardens.

On the third day children will install their artful “bee hotels” around the city of Saugatuck to help attract more bees for our flowers, shrubs, trees and gardens.

Bee hotels, which can range from simple drilled blocks of wood to large structures, give native bees much-needed nesting materials and space. Many native bees do not migrate or travel great distances, so they don’t rest at a hotel before moving on, they move in. Solitary hole-nesting bees are living their entire lives at their hole-nesting site. While some bees are only actively flying for about six weeks, the bees spend many more months hibernating in their hotels. Bee hotels are actually bee homes!

Scotty Jacobs is Garden Liaison at Specialty Gardens in Grand Haven, MI. He has been a landscape professional in West Michigan for over a decade and finds that plants and people inspire him to keep digging in the dirt.