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Pure Michigan

Migrant farm workers and their families are integral participants in Michigan’s educational system and workforce. Approximately 1,000-1,300 migrant children live in our Allegan County communities. 

Young people in summer migrant educational programs are considered “at-risk”, typically moving from school to school, state to state through the year as their parents travel to obtain temporary or seasonal work. 

Growing Young Artists (GYA) is a Project Based Learning program that uses art to deliver key skills to Pre-K- 8th grade students. Our GYA instructors work hand in hand with educators in Fennville and South Haven’s summer migrant programs, creating programming to reinforce skills like literacy, language fluency, math, and science along with critical life skills like problem solving, teamwork, empathy, social etiquette and community. 

During GYA, students work with our Artist in Residence and also take field trips to the SCA, other area arts & cultural organizations, and dunes areas. They close their summer experience with a Fiesta at the SCA which includes dinner and the opportunity to show families members what they've learned and created through the program. 

Sponsored by: Allegan County Community Foundation, Mignon Sherwood DeLano Foundation, Rebecca & John Fulgoni, Meijer, Padnos Foundation, Perrigo Foundation, Keith Walker.